Ways of use Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards and projectors are generating tremendous enthusiasm among educators.An interactive whiteboard is a piece of hardware that looks much like a standard whiteboard but it connects to a computer and a projector in the classroom to make a very powerful tool.Ways to use Interactive Whiteboards in the Classroom :

– Save lessons to present to students who were absent
– Create video files to teach a software application, a lesson, or as a review to be posted to the server or web. Example- How to create a graph in Excel or hoe to burn a projects to cds
– Use the built in maps to teach continents, oceans, countries, or states and capitals.
– Present presentations created by student or teacher
– Have students create e-folios including samples of their work and narration
– Digital storytelling
– Teach whole group computer or keyboarding skills
– Brainstorming
– Take notes directly into PowerPoint presentations
– Reinforce skills by using on-line interactive web sites
– Creating a project calendar
– Teach editing skills using editing marks
– Use in the 6 trait writing process
– Use highlighter tool to highlight nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.
– Use it with Kidspiration or Inspiration
– Teaching students how to navigate the Internet
– Illustrate and write a book as a class. Use the record feature to narrate the text.
– Use the Interwrite software to create lessons in advance at home or at school. Then save  
them for future use or to be shared with other teachers
– Diagramming activities
– Teaching steps to a math problem.

Interactive Whiteboards are larger interactive displays which are connected to projector and computer. A projector projects the computer desktop on the active area of Whiteboard. User operates the computer with finger or pen. Interactive Whiteboards are generally wall mounted. They can be put on floor stand. Interactive Whiteboards are used in classrooms at all stages of education as a replacement of traditional whiteboards or flip charts. They communicate…

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