Washington DC New Years Eve Food Ideas

I have some ideas for Washington DC New Years Eve foods that I want to make soon.  I also have ideas for what foods I want to feed my family on a daily basis as well as some desserts.

I want my family to eat a minimum of three fruits and four vegetables each day.  Since bananas and berries are easy to feed my son, and he absolutely loves them (so do we), I try to keep those foods on hand always.  Melons are in season during new years eve in Washington dc plus we grow them in our garden, so we will have those soon as well.  As far as vegetables: my son used to eat any vegetable you put in front of him however he has become picky lately.  I think the textures of certain foods contribute to his preferences because I am the same way.

I will try to experiment with different vegetables and different ways of serving them in order to figure out how to better incorporate them into his Washington DC New Years Eve diet.  He does like tomato sauce, so I could easily grind different vegetables into that for him.  He would never know the difference.

Although I am hesitant about trying ground chicken and turkey myself, I think I should try serving it to my husband.  He has mentioned trying it before plus it is healthier than ground beef.  I will also try to serve fish, nuts, beans, and eggs more often.  I believe I recall reading that certain mushrooms are a good source of protein.  I have seen plenty of recipes for stuffed mushrooms, so that is a good idea for a Professionals in the City experimental dinner since my husband loves mushrooms.

More than anything, I am excited to make chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches for my dear husband.  I will use the recipe that his grandmother uses for the cookies except I will make the cookies thicker.  As good as the cookies are, any ice cream will do for the middle.  Then, I will roll the sandwiches in miniature chocolate chips.  I also want to make Washington DC New Years Eve Weight Watchers Key Lime Pie and a…

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