Uncover the Beauty of Dark with Photoshop Drop Shadow

Drop shadow makes the images look more pop out or three-dimensional. It is very simple to add a shadow to the image using layers and layer styles. Photoshop Drop Shadow is used to create a shadow, which enhances and adds natural weight to the Photoshop image. A drop shadow can be added to a text, image any other entities in the image. Here this tutorial briefs in creating a shadow for a text. Do not forget to know the most important structures like, the understanding of line, the size of shadow, and the dimensions of shadow for creating a clean effect. Drop shadow services are provided many leading photo editing firms.

The angle of light:

Shadow effect – when the light is on top of the image, is difficult to achieve. In order to get this done, it is advisable to avoid any of the standing drop shadow effects in Photoshop. Say for example, a bottle, which is held up just beneath the light. Use the marquee tool to draw a small circle right below the bottle. Use black / gray color to the circle. Add blur to the ’shadow’ to make it look more real. Photoshop Drop Shadow effect will make the bottle standing a bit above the surface in air and the shadow falling below it in the level. It is better to use Gaussian or motion blurs to achieve a superior look and feel of the shadow.

Spread and Blur:

The spread option can be applied to spread the shadow and more the spread option applied the shadow quality also diminishes. The size indicates the size of the shadow. Increase the size the shadow gets blurred. All these above options make changes only to the structure of the drop shadow. To change the quality of the shadow there are contour and anti-aliased option. The contour is basically a curve to show how it fades from drop shadow to transparency. The anti-alias choice mergers the edges of the contour and gives a neat finish. And finally do not forget to check the “layer knocks out drop shadow” which controls the visibility of drop shadow.

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