Trump lashes out after judge bats down another immigration order

President Trump lashed out early Wednesday after the federal court system stymied yet another one of his executive orders on immigration.

“First the Ninth Circuit rules against the ban & now it hits again on sanctuary cities-both ridiculous rulings. See you in the Supreme Court!” he wrote in an early morning tweet.

In a Tuesday ruling, U.S. District Judge William Orrick issued a temporary injunction against Trump’s executive order to withhold funding from “sanctuary cities,” or places that limit the extent to which local enforcement can comply with orders from federal immigration officials. Orrick is a district judge and does not sit on the Ninth Circuit as Trump tweeted, but the Ninth Circuit would hear any appeal on the case from the White House.

President Trump’s administration also issued a blistering, 400-word statement casting doubt on the judicial system’s role in U.S. government. The White House twice referred to Orrick as “unelected” and declared that his “ruling undermines faith in our legal system.” Both Trump’s tweets and the statement accused his critics of “shopping” for favorable courts.

Orrick’s decision cited Trump’s past statement, referring to his “sanctuary city” executive order as a “weapon” to coerce local governments into complying with the president’s more hardline view of illegal immigration.

“Federal funding that bears no meaningful relationship to immigration enforcement cannot be threatened merely because a jurisdiction chooses an immigration enforcement strategy of which the President disapproves,” Orrick…

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