Teen Drivers and California Personal Injury

Teen drivers have a higher risk of accidents than any other driver. Most likely, it is the lack of experience that heightens the risk of an accident. Since teens have less experience, they are more likely to make critical errors than other drivers which leads to more accidents. The Chicago Tribune recently released a list of the top ten mistakes made by teen drivers.

The most common mistake that teens make while driving is: driving while distracted. The number of distractions while driving has skyrocketed with new technology. More specifically, the use of smartphones among teens is astonishing and more than 50% of teen drivers have admitted to sending text messages while driving. Some surveys suggest that the number of teens who text while driving is actually much higher than 50%. In addition to text messaging, teens are likely to make calls on their phone, read e-mail on their phone, take photos, and even check up on Facebook.

Another mistake that teens make on a regular basis is taking risks. Teens tend to take more risks than the experienced driver. Teens have a higher rate of ignoring traffic signs or signals and will often change lanes without checking their blind spots. Scientific studies also show that the teenage brain may be mch more prone to taking risks and being impulsive. These actions significantly increase the risk of an accident.

Teens are also much more likely to drive at higher rates of speed. Teen drivers may not understand how driving speeds affect their response times and are much more prone to engaging in speeding. Further, when teens are driving, they are more likely to have passengers in their vehicle. When there are more passengers in the vehicle, more people may be injured in the event of an accident.

The last risk that teens tend to make more than adults is: Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This is a very serious matter and unfortunately many teens die every year due to alcohol related accidents.

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