Swissx Labs AG Launches in U.S. with the Finest CBD Oil on Earth

Swissx CBD Oil now in stores in the U.S.

For the Higher Good

Offering the purest product of its kind, Swissx Labs AG has launched in the United States with an oil many times purer and more potent than the market has seen before. Swissx uses proprietary strains of hemp plants grown in the pure mountain air of Gstaad, Switzerland, as well as a patented chromatography process for extraction, to produce its CBD oil–maximizing its benefits for health and wellness. Learn more at

At Coachella 2017, Swissx made its U.S. debut as the only CDB product allowed to distribute at select VIP parties for celebrities and music executives (free samples were also airlifted by drone onto the main grounds to give to the crowds). In Beverly Hills, Swissx has launched at the high end juice bar Alchemy, and in Malibu at the legendary Vitamin Barn. More Southern California health food stores and juice bars will be announced soon. Because Swissx CBD oil is made only from hemp seed, it is available legally in most states online at

While most CBD oils are only 10% CDB, Swissx’s oil is 57% pure CDB (with organic essential oils, bee pollen and coconut oil). Swissx CDB oil’s potency (and lack of any psychoactive compounds) makes it a powerful addition in your wellness routine. CBD of this grade has been used to boost the immune system, fight anxiety and PTSD. Swissx scientists are aiding the National Cancer Institute in its researh into the use of cannabinoids in helping with the side effects of cancer treatments.

Swissx also announced its plan to release a series customized products for different health and wellness benefits over the next six months.

Swissx CBD oils are available to be purchased in 1, 5 and 10…

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