Silvio Berlusconi And His Broken Promises

An abroad pressure forced the otherwise skilled politician to be brought down after enough humiliation recently. Silvio Berlusconi held the reins of Italy for 17 long years. The forced resignation of Berlusconi made him appear pale and solitary as his promises and power both crumbled, thereby bringing Italy on the verge of a financial catastrophe.

No one after Mussolini in the history of Italian politics had had such a great and eventful political career. He however brought irreparable damage to the faiths of the Italian people, who relied on his promise to transform and unify the Italian system of governance. In 2009 though it appeared that he would be able to realize his dream, when he founded the Freedom people movement; yet his exit in the midst of acute division amongst the conservatives has further demoralized hopes.

He stumbled far away from his other promise of making his compatriots rich. He actually gave Italy its lowest economic growth rates since he came to power in 2001. The year 2010 was disastrous with only Zimbabwe and Haiti fairing lower than Italy on the world economic platform.

The richest man in Italy was forced to resign after the financial markets suffered week long turmoil. Berlusconi had refused to resign earlier. He emerged in 1994 when Italy was brooding over post war corruption scandal.

His career however is not entirely unthankful. He is responsible for inventing a new form of interaction in a country where there was hardly any communication. He also used his political as well media affiliations to fend several prosecutions, and his fall from the seat of power could possibly unleash a series of cases against the magistrates too.

He more than often confessed that he is no saint and loves beautiful women.  Berlusconi loved his dinners to be jovial. His exit marks an end of an utterly scandalous era.

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