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What is a relationship without respect? What is respect?

One of the things about my character I struggle with most is how to respect others, especially those who are the authority. I particularly feel this when something has been done unjustly toward me. When I feel as if I must give respect, immediately my defenses go up, the wall rises, and nobody is going to tell me what to do. However, what I’m proposing to you, is that to give respect is not negative, and even though it is scriptural mandate, it can actually reap positive blessings in your life.

Respect plays into all of our relationships, whether they be romantic, professional, or casual. We feel that we’re right and the only ones that matter. When we’re not heard in the relationship, then we feel disrespected and it’s hard to love/respect that person in return.

I did a random Twitter search, and found people who are talking about respect.  Here are some of the results:

“Without respect, love is lost. Without caring, love is boring.”

“If they can’t respect u, they don’t deserve u. RESPECT is a requirement of all relationships, earn it, give it & demand it.”

“I don’t respect excuses, most excuses are just though out lies”

“I hate when ppl in the working environment try to challenge me bc I’m young, I am ur superior u must respect me.”

I came to the conclusion that people think a number of things about respect:

  1. It must be earned
  2. It must be given
  3. It must be demanded
  4. It is closely tied with love and relationships

I remember a time when it was really hard to respect a co-worker. He was hard to work with and I found it difficult to take orders from him. It’s like I had to show him respect before he would show me his. It was so frustrating!

This feeling of respect is felt at a very deep level. The problem is that when we don’t respect others, we hinder growth in our relationships and we block the blessings of God. Respect, however,  is not a bad thing…its a Jesus thing. Respect puts us in a position of…

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