Pilot Shop – Where a Pilot Meets His Needs


A pilot shop serves the most for any pilot’s necessities. It is a store where a pilot can buy his/her accessories and those required for the aircraft and its maintenance. There are various things that are available in a pilot shop.

A pilot should be equipped with good quality basic essentials like headphones, push to talk switches and comfortable safety outfits. The avionics section in a pilot shop will include intercoms, personal locator beacons, and collision avoidance systems. These should have fast connectivity and distortion free transmission. The intercom facility is of two types namely the panel-mounted intercom and portable intercom. The push to talk switch is of an intercom version which is opted for its feasibility and connectivity.

A flight simulator is one of the most important equipment for any aircraft. It is required for various purposes that influence the flight of the aircraft, response to applications of controls etc. This also includes the other external environmental factors such as air density, turbulence, interruption of clouds and so on. The flight simulator hardware should be at an advanced state of the art so that the basic functionality is enhanced. The aviation life rafts form yet another important group of accessories since they are the basic protective guards for both the pilot and the passengers.

A GPS system maintains high levels of safety, while reducing delays and increasing the airway capacity. These systems are under extensive usage and constant evolution. Once they get into the entity of a pilot’s equipment they enhance the entire system to a greater extent.

 The handheld radios help out the pilots to communicate to the officials at the ground pertained to a certain frequency range. The power requirement, channels, NAV capability, CDI display, weight and the antenna connector type are the conditions which should be satisfied accordingly, for feasible communication.

The electrical batteries should be chosen in such a…

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