Outcomes of Purchasing Knock Off Gucci Handbags and Other Accessories

What’s the worst that can happen when you buy Knock off Gucci bags? You get a product that is just as good as the original at less than half the price. Besides, it’s all about budget, if someone offers you the choice of two products that look the same but at different prices, you’d naturally choose the one that is cheaper. Where’s the harm it that? If this is honestly what you think, read on to understand, why it is wrong, to buy replica Gucci and how it can affect you personally and your country in general.

Patent/IP Infringement

Copying the designs of Gucci products for profit is a gross and blatant violation of patent and IP laws. Therefore, it is a criminal offence. When you continue buying fake Gucci, it is impossible to put a stop to this. How can the supply be stemmed if there is a never ending demand for a product? Why is it so important to stop the supply? Isn’t Gucci a big enough company to withstand the loss? The company is not going to buckle under if you and your neighbours indulge in a few knock off Gucci products every now and then, is it? No, the company will be safe, but your country’s economy could buckle. Counterfeiting is illegal. Why would people indulging in it pay taxes? It is taxes that take care of the welfare of your country.

Economic Outcome

The problem does not end with counterfeiters not paying taxes. In a country plagued by counterfeit Gucci, foreign investment trickles down. How would that affect you? Foreign investment means extra money in the coffers of your government. This in turn means more welfare measures without borrowing or worrying about scraping one project in order to fund another. How does buying knock off Gucci affect foreign investment? Investors don’t trust governments with lax IP protection laws. Foreign investors also bring more jobs.

You Don’t Want To Pay Huge Fines

Considering everything you just read, you’ll understand why governments have now made buying fake Gucci illegal. Customs officials…

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