Nikon coolpix p510 is a cool one to get

It is well known that quality and performance are always interlinked. When a camera comes like this into the market, it attracts the hobbyists and the professionals. Nikon coolpix p510 is one such camera that belongs to the group of performance digital cameras. You can all the advanced features within a compact model that fits the palm of your hand. This is ideal for sports photography and traveling. Though, a digital camera price might vary with every manufacturer, this one is a cool pic! Let’s get to know more about this camera before getting into the cost of it.

The Nikon coolpix p510 features a optical zoom of 42x and a digital zoom of 2x. You will be able to get a closer shot of your target from a safe distance. You can get a shot if a running gazelle or gold swing with the advanced precision feature. The focal length of the camera ranges from 4.3 to 180mm. It also has a 35 millimeter equivalent focal length that ranges from 24 to 1000 mm. The CMOS image sensor is the one that enables the images to be taken at a resolution of 16.1 mp.

This digital camera is designed similar to that of a DLSR. The front panel comes with rounded grip that gives a firm grip to the person holding it. The back panel comes with a one-touch button that enables the video recording mode. It also allows menu controls and image preview. The rotary dial allows you to switch between modes like timer, flash and the likes. The weight of the camera is 555g, which feels bulky in the hand.

Shooting with Nikon coolpix p510 is great! The EXPEED C2 image processing unit delivers a high performance of senses, which in turn, gives you a crystal clear image as output. The image that is taken can be composed with the help of the diopter adjuster that is found on the electronic viewfinder. The TFT LCD screen of 3 inch comes with an anti reflective coating, and has 912,000 dot pixels resolution. You can even tilt the screen to 82 degrees angle, which is a useful feature when it comes to taking…

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