Most Common Vehicle Conversions For Your Van

If you are looking at buying a pre-converted van or having your current vehicle converted to meet the needs of a wheelchair passenger or driver, you may be wondering what some of the best and most useful vehicle conversions are. In this way, it can be much more comfortable for your disabled family or friends to travel, as well as offering them the freedom that they so desire. So, what are some of the most common wheelchair vehicle conversions?

  • Generally, the floor of the vehicle will be lowered to accommodate the wheelchair with the occupant sitting in it. The floor can be lowered, on most occasions, as much as you need it (starting with about 10 inches for a minivan).
  • A ramp could be installed to make either side-entry or rear-entry into the vehicle much easier for disabled persons. These ramps can either be manually operated (meaning that an able-bodied person will need to pull the ramp out from the van) or electronic (meaning that, at the touch of a button, the ramp will lower itself).
  • A wheelchair lift is one of the most common vehicle conversions today, and they can be used for either side-entry or rear-entry vans. The platform lift will fold up to the side when not in use; the under vehicle lift is stored underneath the van; the swing lift, and the hoist and rotary lift are unable to raise occupied wheelchairs.
  • Tie downs and special seatbelts are a must for any vehicle conversion, as they are important for ensuring that the wheelchair is anchored securely to the ground during travel.
  • Seating is also something that is commonly looked at during a vehicle conversion – entire seats may be removed to make as much room for a wheelchair as possible, and transfer seats can be installed that allow a disabled person to move from their wheelchair to another seat in the van.
  • In terms of a van that a disable person can drive, the conversions most commonly undertaken here will include hand controls for the accelerator and break, as well as other functions (such as…

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