Mobile Banking: Take Your Bank Everywhere You Go

Carry your bank wherever you go and experience convenient banking at your fingertips. Whether you are transferring funds, recharging your prepaid minutes or checking your account balance, with Mobile Banking the possibilities are endless and remember your banking needs are only a few buttons and a few seconds away.

Mobile Banking is undoubtedly convenient, especially in places where commuting to a Bank branch or an ATM is difficult; it unlocks a world of ease and comfort. One can settle bills or send money to friends and family without really carrying cash.

Most of the renowned and trusted Banks in the UAE like RAKBANK have adopted this new technology, and offer a plethora of banking services through the convenience of your hand-held device. However, the number and type of transactions you can perform depends on the banking institution you associate with. Certain banks offer only a basic SMS Banking service, wherein text alerts notify users of withdrawal, deposit or ATM usage details. However, there are banks that offer a more involved type of Mobile Banking that provides all the facilities of Internet Banking through your mobile. Therefore, you can transact, transfer funds, request a new PIN or view monthly statements by simply logging in to your account through your mobile. Thus, it offers comfortable banking without you physically visiting a bank!

Do all this and many more with your RAKBANK Mobile Banking:

  • Make utility payments
  • Transfer funds to any bank in the world
  • Apply for [email protected] [email protected] Account/Amal Jood Account online
  • Request and reload RAKBANK Prepaid Card
  • Make a balance enquiry of all Accounts, Credit Cards, Deposits, Loans & Finances and Investments
  • Check the nearest ATM/Branch Location
  • Place requests for the below but not limited to:
    • Opening a new Term Deposit
    • Request for Advance against salary, RAKBANK Cheque book
    • Debit card/Credit card replacement
    • Apply for RAKBANK credit card
  • Receive SMS notification for banking activities

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