Authorities say multiple deaths have been reported as a result of severe weather and at least one tornado touchdown on Saturday.

Tornadoes roared through parts of Mississippi on Sunday, hours after tornadoes, heavy storms and flooding left a trail of death and destruction from Missouri to Texas.

Five people were feared dead and dozens more injured after tornadoes swept through the East Texas counties of Van Zandt County and Henderson, Canton Fire Department Capt. Brian Horton said. He said crews were still working to assess the situation and that the death toll could rise.

“We still may have people unaccounted for,” he said. Fifty-six people were treated for storm-related injuries with six still in the hospital, according to East Texas Medical Center in Tyler.

Flooding was blamed for a death in Missouri. The National Weather Service’s Storm Prediction Center warned Sunday the dangerous weather was far from over.

“Severe thunderstorms capable of damaging winds and tornadoes are expected today into tonight, especially across the central Gulf Coast States,” the center said. “Other severe storms could occur as far north as the Midwest and southern Great Lakes region.”

Flash flood warnings were issued in multiple states, and forecasts an “ongoing major flood event” in parts of Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri for Sunday. Between 5 and 9 inches of rain fell in some areas Saturday, the weather service said.

The threat of additional flooding moved Sunday into the mid-south and the Tennessee Valley.

AccuWeather senior meteorologist Dan Pydynowski said multiple tornadoes were reported in Mississippi on Sunday. Warren County Emergency Management Director John Elfer said a…