Long Distance Movers NY – Moving Tips for the Big Apple

Every year, a fresh crop of hopefuls moves to the big city, hoping to find success. Whether you are fresh out of college and hoping to make it on Broadway, or are moving with your family in search of job opportunities, if you are moving across the country to Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, or anywhere else in the Big Apple you will need the help of long distance movers NY. It’s best to choose a local service for this move, because there are certain aspects of moving to New York that make it different from other destinations. A local business will be best able to navigate the traffic, crowds, and narrow city streets of areas such as Chinatown most effectively. 

One of the first things to remember is that many of the buildings in New York, particularly the outer boroughs, don’t have elevators. If you are hiring your long distance movers NY to carry heavy furniture up four flights of stairs, they will do it, but may charge you extra for these extra floors. This is something to ask about in advance, so that you don’t get hit with unexpected fees. This will also help the movers to physically and mentally prepare themselves for the challenges ahead. Another unique aspect of moving into the city from the suburbs is that city streets can be quite narrow.

As a result, large moving trucks can be difficult to navigate. Long distance movers NY might have to use their larger truck for the main move across state lines, and then switch to a smaller shuttle truck to get through these smaller streets. The benefit of using professionals for this service is that they will be prepared for these types of challenges, as they will perform moves on a daily basis. They will also know the ins and outs of parking regulations in the city, which is something that out-of-towners can struggle with when first moving into New York.

Some buildings will have restricted times explicitly for moving in and out, so this is something to check with in advance, particularly if you are moving into…

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