Larson Electronics LLC Releases New Self-contained 65′ Hydraulic LED Light Plant

Self-contained 65′ LED Megatower

These 65′ hydraulic LED Megatowers are surpassed by none when it comes to light output and size.

Larson Electronics LLC, a leading industrial lighting company, announced the release of a new self-contained 65′ LED Megatower to be added to its catalog of products this week. This skid mounted fold over 7-stage hydraulic Megatower provides a safe and effective way for operators to quickly deploy sixteen 500-watt LED light heads to elevations above 65′, reaching a total hight of 74′.

This SMDE-11-HLM65-16X500LTL-LED 65′ self-contained hydraulic LED Megatower contains a water cooled diesel engine powering a 11KW Kubota generator, which supplied the current for sixteen 500-watt LED lights producing 60,000 lumens each, for a combined total of 960,000 lumens of light. This light tower can run uninterrupted for up to 43 continuous hours without refueling and includes a hydraulic telescoping light mast. The hydraulic tower is capable of reaching heights of up to 74′ with the light head assembly, replacing 4-6 standard 4000 watt metal halide light plants for larger area coverage. The height of this LED Megatower allows users to operate large equipment without the light obstructing their view. This mobile floodlight package is designed for use in large scale event illumination, construction, mining, industrial operations and anywhere a mobile full power lighting system capable of extended operation is needed.

The entire LED light plant is mounted onto a large skid mount system for incorporating all of the necessary lighting equipment/components in one package. This skid mount includes a front mounted storage area for stowing tools and accessories. Six 7,000 lb hand crank jacks are used for raising the…

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