La Habra school project on water conservation inpired bill waiting state legislators approval – Orange County Register


A 2015 student project at Washington Middle School found its way onto the State Assembly floor this month as a proposed law.

Assembly Bill 1343, inspired by four La Habra students dubbed the Water Guardians, cleared the Assembly Committee on Education on April 19 and this week was put on the calendar for a future vote.

The bill calls for water suppliers that offer efficiency rebates to commercial and industrial users, to also include K-12 schools in their targeted outreach.

“It was an incredible experience to learn how California government works,” said Jessica Gallegos, 14, who testified before committee members along with classmate Fiona Paredes. “It has been wonderful meeting with the assemblymen and a great learning experience.”

Gallegos and Paredes, 15, June Kim, 14, and Angeline Dequit, 15, now freshmen at Sonora High, each took turns lobbying legislators.

“I am so proud of these amazing young women who saw a problem and wanted to be part of the solution,” Assemblyman Phillip Chen,…

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