Jeet Kune Do: Practical Portion From Bullying

Many people are experiencing bullying everywhere. Showing no mercy, these seem to be a habit by some to their horrified victims. Escalating the reported cases of juvenile delinquency, this cruel deed is mostly committed by young people. Some adults, who must be the role models, worsen the situation by teaching the young citizens to act like mischievous members of the society. To avoid fatal crimes of rage, bullying in any form must be put to an end.

Whenever you encounter bullying, Jeet Kune Do (JKD) can be your practical protection. Teaching both self-defense and life philosophies, it is a wonderful martial arts system. Jeet Kune Do accepts the fact that the best defense is a strong offence. Trainees of JKD are being ready for an unarmed combat. The primary teaching among its various principles is “be like water”. The martial artist must be flexible enough because real combat is spontaneous. Bruce Lee describes JKD as a “style without style” because it is not patterned.

Jeet Kune Do Training Gives Useful Techniques

Intended for everyone, Jeet Kune Do Training is an intensive workshop for those who want to defend themselves. The techniques that you will learn from it can enhance your body’s figure. To maximize time with an accompanying movement, Jeet Kune Do teaches that the simplest thing works best. JKD practitioners are also taught to adapt from the demands of the situation. The ideas of JKD are obtain by instructing its principles. Among which “casting-off what is useless”. The cornerstones of JKD, which was founded by Bruce Lee, are Western boxing, Fencing, and Wing Chun. A person can also think of his own styles which he thinks will be useful. The “intercepting fist” is another principle of these martial arts. The attack of the opponent must be intercepted by the practitioner. This will give you the chance to attack when he is just about to attack. For many instances, these principles can be applied.

Jeet Kune Do Training can also prove…

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