Introducing the New Adventure Row and Fitness Row Standup Paddle Boards from Whitehall Rowing & Sail

12″ Fitness Row SUP by Whitehall Rowing & Sail with Oar Board® Rower

“We designed and built these three new SUP models to fill a niche where an ideal dual purpose shape and design makes sense,” says designer and Whitehall’s co-owner Harold Aune,

The new Adventure Row and Fitness Row standup paddle boards from Whitehall Rowing & Sail, the company who produces the Oar Board® rower, now makes the sport of rowing affordable and accessible.

Four years ago, Whitehall Rowing & Sail, located in Victoria BC and manufacturer of the world’s finest rowing and sailing boats, invented a device called the Oar Board®. This device is a game changer because it easily and quickly attaches to any standup paddleboard, instantly converting it into a single scull rowboat. The Oar Board® unit is very light and folds up compactly for shipping. This makes it quick to set up, and easy for owners to store, handle and carry as well.

Whitehall also developed a two-part sculling oar that can be easily shipped along with the Oar Board® unit. Regular sculling oars are 9’6” long and therefore cannot be shipped easily or inexpensively. The two-part carbon fiber oars are half the length of a regular oar plus ultra-light so they can be shipped by mail or any courier service.

Recently Whitehall designed a line of three new SUPs intended for paddling or rowing that are extremely tough. They are inflatable and can roll up and fit in a backpack. These lightweight inflatable SUPs can handle drops, scrapes and impacts far better than a fragile foam filled fiberglass board. They too can be easily shipped anywhere. Now fully in production, the 13’4”Adventure Row, the 16’Adventure Row, and the 12’ Fitness Row, are now being shipped to…

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