HomeMetry Announces New Real Estate Market Activity Overviews


HomeMetry.com allows home buyers and property investors to easily learn the complete sales and rental activity in any market.

HomeMetry, the national address and property directory, has released a new real estate market activity overview for every neighborhood in the country. The overviews have been added to each property listing in the directory. This means that in addition to the individual property records, users can now easily learn the complete sales and rental activity on the street or across the entire neighborhood.

Frequently during the home buying process, purchasers and investors seek out similar and nearby properties for comparison to better understand the market trends. These similar property “comps” are incredibly valuable to buyers in evaluating the amount of their offer to purchase. The information in these recent sale and rental records can greatly affect the ability to afford a new home or find a profitable investment. Historically, this information has been held by real estate agents in private systems leaving potential property purchasers at their whim.

The new real estate market activity overviews available, only on HomeMetry, put the property buyers and investors in control of their research and evaluation. The overviews include every available property listing, home and commercial property sale and rental from the past two years. Real estate agents no longer control the information that allow buyers to make better, more informed decisions. Home buyers and property investors can find all the relevant properties and important information in this free, easy to use resource.

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