He Saves Fashion Models From Financial Chaos

“You want to stay current and trendy like all the other girls,” Ms. Pring said. “But you know what? I don’t need all that stuff. I can pay down my principal faster with that money.”


Karlie Kloss has sought Mr. Tumminia’s advice.

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Mr. Tumminia isn’t someone who hangs around with models and turned it into a business. He attended his first and only runway show last year, at the invitation of Ms. Graham. He favors blue button-down shirts and wears his hair in a close-crop that might be called the PricewaterhouseCoopers look. (He worked at the firm for eight years.) His social life revolves mostly around his girlfriend, his dog and spending weekends at his country house in the Hudson Valley.

“This is who I am,” he said at his firm’s office in SoHo on a recent morning, with magazine covers featuring Ms. Kloss and Ms. Graham proudly displayed on a shelf behind his desk. “My sign of success was not having to wear a tie to work anymore if I don’t want to.”

Four years ago, an investment adviser that Mr. Tumminia knew referred a model to him who needed help structuring her finances. At the time, he was working on behalf of affluent families in New York, small businesses and nonprofit organizations.

He helped the young model with onerous tasks like setting up a monthly budget and got her thinking about long-term objectives. She referred her model friends, and Mr. Tumminia soon realized he had hit upon a niche.

“Athletes, entertainers, writers — they all have advocates for them,” Mr. Tumminia said. “We are striving to be advocates for the models, to quarterback their financial life.”


Ashley Graham is another client.

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