Go Ahead and Plan for Fulltime Studies in US

Several students from various corners of the world prefer to go for higher studies in the US. Although the fees of courses in the US universities and other educational institutions are very high, yet the desire to possess a US degree is much felt by overseas students.

One cannot simply visit US and get a degree. One has to initially get hold of a visa in order to purse full-time studies in the US.  Immigration to US requires certain visa procedures to be followed which expert visa consultants from reputed visa services providers can help you out in sorting out the legal issues pertaining to immigration, even for higher studies.

One has to secure a F-1 visa in order to stay in the US and carry on with their higher studies.  To qualify for this visa two major criteria need to met:

  • One must show sufficient proof that one has very strong ties with one’s country.
  • Their intention to leave US after the course is over.
  • One must not have criminal background.
  • They must not undertake any job or work there.
  • Original I-20 form or perhaps DS- 2019 as per applicability.
  • Form1-901 (Sevis Fee receipt)

Certain formalities have to be taken care of while applying for F-1 visa for US full time studies. One has to :

  • Fill out an application form
  • Be in possession of valid passport

Expert consultants working with reputed visa services providers can help a student intending to go abroad for higher studies to secure the F-1 visa. These consultants understand well the nuances of US Full-Time Studies and accordingly guide the applicant in finalizing the formalities to make it to the US university of one’s choice. One has access to several professional visa services providers, and one thus finds that the process for immigration is not all that difficult as it appears to be.

Dependents which include spouse or children below 21 who wish to go along with the principal F-1 visa holder can do so  “derivative M or F visas.

Who can apply for F-1 Visa?

Students who have secured admission…

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