Get Guidance on a Conviction and its Consequences Only from the Best Immigration Law Firm

The United States is a melting pot for people from around the globe who want to make a better living for themselves. This ethnically diversified nation however has tough federal immigration laws in order to keep a check on illegal immigration. The subject of immigration is of much debate in the state and federal government legislations. Immigrants charged with criminal convictions would not only be punished when deemed to be guilty, but may also face the possibility of a deportation. Those charged with criminal convictions can find themselves in turmoil. Therefore, it is imperative for them to seek genuine and lawful guidance only from a best immigration law firm in the city.

In the section below, a lawyer from one of the best immigration law firm in New York talks more about convictions and its immigration consequences.


  1. Those who enter the plea to a criminal charge may find their immigration status at risk with the immigration authorities. It is a common myth among many immigrants that they can only be deported on grounds of illegal immigration. However, it is not true as those being convicted of crimes and found to be a threat to the citizens can be deported.

  2. Unless an individual is the rightful citizen of United States, he/she may face deportation. This is applicable in cases of green card holders or lawful permanent residents and immigrants who have gained entry on different types of visas.

  3. According to the immigration law act (INA), there are 21 types of crimes that count as aggravated felonies and have serious immigration consequences. These include crimes such as murder, rape, sexual abuse of minor, illicit trafficking of controlled substance or firearms, money laundering, kidnapping, child pornography and thefts, to name a few.

  4. An individual faces a conviction, if there has been either a formal judgment of guilt noted by a court or a plea of guilty and no contest on the behalf of the one convicted. It also takes place if there is an admission of offense on behalf of the one convicted or a restrain on the liberty of the individual as imposed by the court.

  5. In cases, such as suspended imposition of sentence, after completing of the probation, there is no conviction on the records of the confused. An immigrant or a green card holder should take help from the best immigration law firm available to avoid a criminal charge on the record.

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