Electric Radio Control Helicopters or Nitro Radio Control Helicopters

Radio Control Helicopters are one of most popular hobbies amongst kids and adults; they are fun, exhilarating and even relaxing. When choosing a radio control helicopter you can decide between Nitro powered helicopters also refereed to as gas helicopters or electric powered helicopters.

Once upon a time Nitro Radio Control Helicopters dominated the hobby space but recently electric helicopters are proving to be a match. Both helicopters have distinctive differences; this article will outline some of these differences.

Firstly Nitro Helicopters are powered by Nitro mixes and Electric Helicopters are powered by lithium batteries and some with brushless motors, allowing them to sometimes fly longer and outlast gas helicopters.

To name a few Gas Powered radio control helicopters; the popular Raptor Thunder Tiger 90 G4 which is a good entry level nitro heli and the Trex 700 N which is more sort after by professionals. Some Electric RC Helicopters include the Thunder Tiger Titan X50E, Align Trex 100X and Gaui X4.

Nitro Radio Control Helicopters are more expensive than its electric counterparts and offer superior quality and more advanced performance. These Radio Control Helicopters tend to be used more by advanced flyers. Whilst Most beginner radio control helicopters tend to be electric powered which tend to be micro and medium sized which are capable of doing advanced manoeuvres.

Gas RC Helicopters are more complex than electric as they replicate a real flying helicopter experience. Gas powered RC helicopters are said to be more convenient because they can be easily be refilled whilst electric helicopters have to be recharged. It should be noted that more Maintenance is also required in gas powered Radio control helicopters

Electric RC helicopters are quiet when they are in the air whilst nitro RC helicopters tend to be extremely noisy, making electric helis more convenient and can be flown just about anywhere even indoors.

Many people say that electric RC…

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