E-Cigarette Social Networking- A Way to Social Harmony

Tobacco smoking causes many diseases like cardio vascular diseases to lung diseases. Moreover, the harmful substances present in the tobacco are linked to high blood pressure and other serious life threatening illnesses. Even the passive smoking will result in adverse health hazards, so smoking is banned in public places. The e-cigs which are an alternative to tobacco cigarettes are powered by battery and produce only water vapor that dissolves in the air quickly. They contain no harmful substance other than the nicotine present in it.  The smokers can find many reviews and feedback from e-cigarette users on e-cigarette social networking groups and e-cig forums. Nowadays due to health awareness and social concerns different social networking groups, blogs and discussion forums have come up on the Internet.

E-cigarettes provide vaporized liquid nicotine on inhalation by the smokers. They help kill the craving for smoking and at the same time they are devoid of harmful side effects that tobacco smoking causes. Since e-cigs involve no combustion or any sort of smoke in the process, they are allowed to use in public places. Moreover, unlike the original tobacco cigarettes, e-cigarettes do not contain any carcinogenic substances. They leave no tar on the fingers and mouth. 

This magic stick is comparatively a new tobacco smoking invention. There are many variations of e cigs available in the market. However, the basic feature is the same. An electronic cigarette consists of rechargeable batteries, atomizer and a mouth piece. The inhaled air activates the atomizer and vaporizes the e- liquid leaving vapor. 

Since e-cigs cause no fire and no smoke, they are safe. The e-cigarettes are rechargeable and reusable so they save a lot of money for the smokers. Apart from this the wastage is very less when compared to the traditional tobacco cigarettes. As e cigs consist of only a mouth piece and cartridge instead of twenty tobacco cigarette buds, their use have been…

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