Draw money easily with your payment card

Carrying around a large amount of cash in the purse involves a lot of risk and needs a lot of care. It can cause threat even to life. Theft and robbery are increasing on a large scale these days. Pick pockets are almost everywhere. It is not easy to escape their eyes and reach safely with the cash. The banks and other authorized people gave it a lot of thought to fight against the crime and to provide protection to people and their belongings.

But there is not much that can be done by the law other than catching the criminals. There should be a way to put a full stop to the loss that can occur to the owner of the money. Payment cards were the final solution to help protect the money and belongings of the citizens. Payment cards come in the form of ATMs, visa cards, debit cards and credit cards, in some cases all in one. To use a payment card a pin is required that is known only to the owner of the card. This pin is not disclosed to anyone other than the owner.

You can carry the payment card easily in your purse rather than carrying stacks of money around. Even if a payment card is lost, the money is safe due to the secret pin. Even if the pickpocket or thief tries to enter the pin, after two or more wrong entries the payment card gets blocked preventing any further entries. The customer care of the various banks also offer 24/7 service to answer any queries or concerns regarding the usage of the payment card.

In case the card is lost, immediately alert the customer care and get the card blocked. Once the card is blocked there is no fear of losing the money. But in case of carelessness the card can be misused. If the owner of the card is not aware when it is lost, there is fear of losing the money. Sometimes it happens like the owner is not aware of how to operate an ATM machine. The person might get help from strangers who may take advantage of the situation.

The bystander may enter the wrong pin while by-hearting the original pin and then state that the…

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