Chris Soules’ attorneys say he did ‘everything’ he could to help crash victim

Chris Soules’ legal team believes they will prove the former “Bachelor” star acted responsibly after he was involved in a fatal accident Monday.

In a statement obtained by ABC News, attorney Brandon Brown of the Iowa law firm Parrish Kruidenier said that he and his colleagues are reviewing all the evidence surrounding the incident and have filed paperwork demanding that law enforcement “preserve possible evidence.”

He added that it is likely that next week they will file additional motions, and the attorneys are also “exploring the possibility of a gag order to prevent further misinformation from prejudicing Soules’ right to a fair trial,” he said.

Victim Kenneth Mosher died as a result of the accident.

“While initial reports suggested Soules fled the scene, the 911 call confirms that Soules in fact was the one who contacted law enforcement immediately. During the call, he clearly identified himself and explained his role in the terrible accident. Soules attempted to resuscitate Mr. Mosher and remained on the scene with him until emergency medical personnel arrived,” Brown said in the statement. “His attorneys are confident that once all the evidence is made public, it will show Soules acted reasonably and did everything in his power to provide aid to Mr. Mosher.”

Soules was arrested on Monday evening and charged with leaving the scene of a fatality motor vehicle accident, a felony in Iowa. On Wednesday, authorities released the 911 call from the incident, in which Soules described Mosher’s condition and explained the situation. Soules’ rep told ABC News after the incident that he was “devastated” by Mosher’s death. Because the investigation is ongoing, further charges may be pending, according to the sheriff’s office.

Soules is currently free on a $10,000 bond. A preliminary court hearing has been set for May 2.

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