Boulevard Books Judge’s Memoir Covers His Four Decades of Criminal Trials

Boulevard Books announces the publication of New York Justice, a memoir by retired Supreme Court Justice Joel Goldberg, one of New York’s most experienced criminal trial judges. The book provides rare insights into the criminal justice system from the point of view of a judge who presided over hundreds of felony trials in Brooklyn and Staten Island.

There are vivid descriptions, told in short-story style, of dozens of his felony trials, both convictions and acquittals, including murders, rapes, child abuse, shootings of police officers, armed robberies, burglaries, a fake nursing school, an organized stolen car ring, and even a trial involving an assault on a pet cat. Judge Goldberg also provides a look back to the 1970’s when he began his legal career as an Assistant District Attorney in Brooklyn learning how to handle himself in both trial and appellate courts while making his share of mistakes which he recounts with self-deprecating humor.

A recent review of the book by noted Staten Island trial attorney Mario F. Gallucci, published by the Richmond County Bar Association declared, “I loved the book and all the stories. The Judge does a great job of interlacing his experiences as an Assistant District Attorney and showing the profound affect they had on him as a Judge. The book will appeal to not only just lawyers. The Judge does a great job of explaining not only the day-to-day activities of the criminal justice system, but also all its nuances in a very reader friendly way.”

New York Justice is intended to be enjoyed by anyone interested in learning about the variety of criminal cases being handled in our criminal courts, and, as noted by Judge Goldberg, “to convey a sense of appreciation for the hard work and…

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