Auric Solar Surpasses 500 Solar Installation Reviews at 500 Reviews Banner

“Everyone trusts a referral in any business, but I think in solar it’s even more important because no one’s bought solar before. When you find someone that’s done it before you really trust their opinion, more so with solar than with any other product.

With well over 200 more reviews than the nearest solar company on, Utah’s Auric Solar, is by far the most reviewed solar installer throughout the US. The company, a Pre-Screened Solar Pro, has not only amassed an astounding number of reviews for its services to customers, it has consistently achieved some of the highest ratings for residential and commercial solar installations.

Customer reviews of services offered by contractors, like solar installers, are one of the most important ways potential consumers can learn about service providers. They provide customers with invaluable information on the services a contractor offers including their customer service, maintenance performance, whether they performed services on time and as expected, and more.

“Our entire team is happy to see Auric Solar achieve this unprecedented milestone,” said President, Jamie Lakes. “Achieving a significant number of customer reviews is not easy, yet Auric Solar has surpassed all the other installers at with a record of excellent reviews, thanks to its high level of customer service and long-term commitment to its customers.” Of the more than 3,500 solar installers that have received unsolicited reviews on, just over 20 solar installers have received more than 100 customer reviews and only three, including Auric Solar, have received more than 200 reviews.

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