A guide on blinds and shades for classy window refurbishment



Shades and blinds are part of interior decoration. The beauty of a confined space of drawing rooms and living rooms depends on refurbishment of windows to a great extent. Design, color and style also matter to the look of widow refurbishment with shades and blinds. These window treatments of the hard type (curtain is a soft window treatment) add a fresh look to the interior décor. Window coverings are available in both varieties – classic and contemporary, retro and metro. For more information, shades are old fashioned while blinds are the new interior décor fashion statement.

Shades are an affordable solution to solve light issues. Shades which are designer décor items go high in prices. Roman shades in a rich mix of colors make interior fashion statement. There is no limit to the variety of this shade type. These shades can be tailored and made masculine. The design of shades can be customized to enhance the style quotient and make them suit the refurbishment of furniture in drawing rooms and living rooms. Rolling shades make right installation for controlling the entry of light, preventing viewing from outside and mitigating privacy concerns. If light control is the need, solar shades are the best choice.

Window blinds have undergone a huge transformation since fashion and style have crept into design of blinds. Crafted of clothlike materials, blinds in varying textures and weights retain the softness that better suits traditional interiors. Thick blinds are protective of the inside of the house against UV rays which are harmful for wall paint, floor tiles, and art objects. Those having a keen sense of aestheticism in design and look prefer wood blinds in order to renovate the interior décor. Installing wooden blinds is a means to go green. Blinds made of real wood go a long way.

Vertical blinds are suitable for sliding door. Crafted in metal or vinyl, this blind type can be customized in keeping with the other shades in…

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