99 days into the presidency, Trump is changing the way government operates Video

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Transcript for 99 days into the presidency, Trump is changing the way government operates

For any legislative. Failures or aren’t an ability to get things done. There’s no doubt that mr. towns has changed the way this presidency works and the way congress might even work. When you look at how he’s been communicating with the American people his use of tweets and I should note to pull together ABC news the pull together all of those treats at. At a press 108 but abcnews.com. Yeah. Undeniably. Cecilia he’s changed the way business is done in Washington. He’s changed the way the White House operates he’s changed the way the press operates he has changed the way congress operate. He has changed everything up out. A White House you know he may not. I’ve gone an inch screen that’s not necessarily but he’s certainly changing the water in the swamp and I don’t see it changing any time. And it may have you know I but abcnews.com is pulling together they pulled together the actual top tweet like the most popular tweet. And it may surprise some people it must I think we have all time was actually the day of the women’s marches. And he wrote peaceful protests are a hallmark of our democracy. Even I don’t always agree I recognize the rights of people. To express their views to deprive you that all the tweets he’s put out how to actually be most popular. Only because it contradicts other things he pleaded within a couple hours of that Wiig and minimizing the importance of Anthony was overblown by the media. That seemed out of character. Coached tweet you might say here someone else getting an easier than that the folks who adopt. Much may not have been busier. Other times so vivid so many vs Donald Trump that it even come forward on…

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