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A Spanish Airline’s Unusual Job Requirement: A Pregnancy Test

Tuesday, July 11th, 2017:

“There is no reason to justify it,” the Unión General de Trabajadores, one of Spain’s two main labor unions, said in a statement. It added that if a company did ask for it, “we would evidently be faced with a clear case of discrimination.” Continue reading the main story Spain’s minister for health, social services and equality, Dolors Montserrat, did not directly address the Iberia fine, but in an emailed statement, she said the authorities would “continue to be extremely vigilant against any form of work discrimination based on sex or for any other reason.” The carrier, which is part […] Read More →

Should Businessmen Of Sydney Adhere To Steam Carpet Cleaning Services?

Tuesday, July 11th, 2017:

If you start searching for companies that offer cleaning services, chances are high that you will come across hundreds and thousands of companies and double the number of agents. There would be three types of companies – the newly opened, the experienced and the mid level companies. The newly opened companies will possibly do everything to make you believe in their competency. They may offer you the best rates in the market as they are concerned about developing their portfolio rather than making money at that point of time. The second types of companies have years of experience and are […] Read More →

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