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Should Mariners go into sell mode? June will be vital

Wednesday, May 31st, 2017:

Without a revival to above .500, the Mariners are facing the distinct possibility of a veteran sell-off that could involve some of their core players. The Mariners find themselves in a weird sort of limbo as the trade-deadline assessment period approaches. They’ve been limping along for weeks, trying desperately to stay afloat until they get their full team back. A .500 road trip is suddenly cause for celebration. They still think they have the foundation to be the contending team that everyone fully expected at the outset of the season. And yet the standings — five games under .500, third-worst […] Read More →

Top 6 System Requirements You Need To Know For Video Conferencing

Wednesday, May 31st, 2017:

One to one solution is mainly designed for personal usages. To connect with a friend or family it is the best way. It is also widely used to tune with a family gathering and or official functions. Distance does not matter anymore; you can be with your closed one in no time.Multiparty Video Conference is generally used when the locations are many and one wanted to connect with all those locations.  Ready to use Video Conferencing Technology with HD quality video and outputs can easily be installed in desired locations. However, some basic system requirement needs to be followed to […] Read More →

Smokers in Australia face prohibitive times

Wednesday, May 31st, 2017:

The Australian Government is taking new drastic measures to significantly curb smoking in Australia within 5 years. Their 5 years plan aims at coming as close as possible to eradicate smoking from the country by tackling both the price of smokes and the potential seduction of attractive packaging and ubiquitous advertising. Here is a summary of the major points of the 5 years plan The nine point plan: 1. Protect public health policy, including tobacco control policies, from tobacco industry interference 2. Strengthen mass media campaigns to: motivate smokers to quit and recent quitters to remain quit; discourage uptake of […] Read More →

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