10 insanely clever things on Amazon that will make your life easier

Even if you don’t consider yourself a veteran Internet surfer, you probably know that Amazon and other online retailers are chock-full of kitschy gizmos and gadgets… that don’t have any real function. Sure, they’re cute and nostalgic, but what’s the point? Well, I’ve had enough. I went ahead and put together a list of clever, but useful products. From a marble rolling pin to a compact outlet that swivels and everything in between, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

1. You won’t ever have to tie your shoes again thanks to these silicone laces.

Credit: Amazon

Begone, dirty shoe strings!

Buy now on Amazon for $7.99

2. This liner will keep your bath area free of clutter.

Credit: Amazon

This liner has all the pockets you could ever want.

Buy now on Amazon for $12.56

3. This marble rolling pin is super easy to clean.

Credit: Amazon

The smoothness of the marble make it an ideal rolling pin.

Buy now on Amazon for $29.99

4. Like crispy pizza crust? This pizza stone gets the job done.

Credit: Amazon

According to one of our experts, if you’re a pizza lover, a pizza stone is a must-have. The stone absorbs the heat and distributes it evenly.

Buy now on Amazon for $39.90

5. These razor-sharp peelers can slice through the toughest fruit.

Credit: Amazon

These Swiss peelers are dishwasher safe too!

Buy now on Amazon for $6.49

6. Amazon’s Echo Dot makes an excellent kitchen assistant.

Credit: Amazon

The Amazon Echo Dot is half the size of the original Echo, and more affordable too.

Buy now on Amazon for $49.99

7. This self-watering garden grows vegetables and herbs.

Credit: Amazon

Is your green…

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